Anu Murthy is a Designer, Illustrator & Optimist


print, event organization

Making About: Racism was a community design workshop co-organized with Adam Carr and Nate Pyper. Designers and community members were grouped in small teams. Taking cues from the Zeidler Center Report, a critical look at segregation in Milwaukee, each group collaborated to create posters addressing structural racism, disparity, inequity and/or segregation in our city. These are topics known far too well in Milwaukee — so participants were asked to created a poster to challenge these entrenched pieces of the social fabric. Using design as a tool and making as a way, we fostered collaboration, open dialogue, and creativity within interdisciplinary groups. Each team created a single poster design, with some guidance and facilitation.

The event was made possible through a partnership from The Zeidler Center for Public Discussion , Escuela Verde, and AIGA Wisconsin . Final posters can be viewed here. Photos of the event here